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September 11, 2014

Advantage Adjustment Company | Website Launch

Author: Valerie Baker

Atilus’ perfect target is a company that comes to us for their second, third or fourth website. It is a special treat when we get that second redesign request from a current hosting client! Advantage Adjustment Company (AAC) has been a hosting client for years, transferring over to our servers with an older, flash-based website. Bill Frederick, owner, needed a web development company that could provide security, consistency and quality service, a trait that they hold very dear.

Advantage Adjustment Company is an all lines adjusting firm that exceeds the expectations of their Florida clients; and has been doing so successfully for almost twenty years. There is a reason that their clients have been with them for, on average, over 13 years. They were founded on a firm commitment to provide clients with superior service at realistic rates, and are committed to earning your confidence by providing professional claims handling and investigation.

Website Technology for Client Satisfaction

While I am confident that any company needs a website for a number of different reasons, AAC is the type of company that does not need or rely on a significant search engine presence or flashy design. This I because there are not very many companies around that do what he does, as his service is fulfillment to insurance agents. What matters to them is to be known by insurance companies, which is fueled by a reputation he has built over many years.


Because they have not felt the pressure to keep the website constantly updated, AAC kept and got all their mileage off of a flash website. It was not accessible by mobile devices and could not be updated because of files that were withheld by their old provider during the initial transfer. Time, however, caught up and along with significant changes to the content of the site, the AAC team needed updated functionalities and a cleaner design to show that they are still the best in the business.

Web Design Details

Atilus created a plan to minimize costs and maximize the miles out of this new site design. Based on multiple conversations with the AAC team, target research and our own experience in marketing strategy, Atilus provided the following solutions:

  • Customized Responsive Website Design
  • Content Management System (Orchard)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Secure Assignment Form


“As a small company, we dreaded the prospect of totally updating our web site. Atilus made a difficult task easier for us by breaking down what was needed from us in a clear fashion, and guiding the process to completion. They made an earnest effort to understand our business to help provide the maximum benefit to our organization from our re-designed web site. We are very pleased with the results.”

Bill Frederick, Owner, Advantage Adjustment Company

Bill’s most important key note on the project had to do with the function of the assignment form. Significantly more than a standard contact form, the assignment form included 5 different sections with attachments and personal information. Security was a must and clear acknowledgement of receipt and communication of the next steps are vital pieces of the new site strategy. Everything had to be automated and work perfectly.

Long-Term Website Strategy

Atilus is focused on helping AAC get as many miles as possible out of their cleanly built, error free website. We will follow the data provided through website analytics so we can evaluate (both in the short and long term) website performance to make adjustments and find solutions where necessary.

Atilus has helped hundreds of clients impress customers and improve their online image. Helping our clients reach their peak success levels is our main focus, whether they have been in the business for years or are just getting started. We are thankful and happy to work with Bill and the whole Advantage Adjustment team.

Valerie Baker

Valerie is the Senior Account Manager & Project Manager here at Atilus.

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