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January 14, 2012

Atilus Now an AdWords Certified Partner

Author: Valerie Baker

Google AdWords Certified PartnerAtilus is VERY proud and excited to announce that we have just been certified as an AdWords Certified Partner.

Various members of our team have been certified AdWords Professionals, which is one of the pre-requisites to becoming an AdWords Certified Partner. Partner status is dedicated to full firms only, and only when they meet certain criteria and thresholds.

The Only Firm in South Florida With this Designation!

Atilus is proud to be the ONLY FIRM IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA – between Tampa and Miami to have received this designation. It proves as a true qualifier of our skills in all of Google’s marketing tools – and in particular AdWords, which we consider to be one of our most powerful tools in our arsenal of ways to market and grow your business online!

View Atilus’ Certified Partner Page on Google >>

About AdWords Certified Partners

According to Google’s’ Partner website:

Distinguish your company as skilled in managing AdWords programs with Certified Partner status. Attaining Certified Partner status is rewarded with marketing supportincluding use of a Google Certified partner badge, entry into Google Partner Searchwhere potential clients can locate you, new business coupons and opportunities to attend exclusive Google events. Below are some benefits enjoyed by certified partners:

  • Build team skills: industry recognized training to improve performance across search and display programs.
  • Demonstrate proficiency: use profile pages to illustrate training achievements and certified Google skills
  • Marketing support: gain new business and be visible to marketers looking for help through Google Partner Search – the online directory of certified partners

To attain certified partner status, companies must meet eligibility criteria which includes one team member passing a minimum of two certification exams, illustrating practical expertise in managing accounts, and agreement to terms and conditions of representing AdWords. Learn more about membership criteria.

Valerie Baker

Valerie is the Support Lead here at Atilus. Her background includes digital marketing and web development. She takes amazing care of our clients and assists with overall website updates and development.

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