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May 30, 2014

Alford Wildlife and Pest Management | A Website Upgrade Experience

Author: Valerie Baker

It is Atilus’ special niche to work with a client that is on their 2nd, 3rd or 4th iteration of their website. Once a company tastes success with online marketing, the potential revenue possibilities become clear and they become willing to invest in a website upgrade; something that can actually provide a return. We were excited to meet and befriend Alford Wildlife through our friends at the Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce ( and learn that Alford was ready to take the next step in their internet presence.

Alford Wildlife and Pest Management has been in the animal removal industry for a while and seen firsthand the lack of honesty and hard work from others in this profession. It is their goal to use scientific knowledge to provide customers with quality service they can count on from people they can trust.

Phase Two | Website Upgrade to Orchard and Solidifying of a Marketing Strategy

With Alford Wildlife being around for some time, their website was experiencing some expected growing pains. While the site was originally created in WordPress, the content management system’s (CMS) backend was becoming cumbersome to growth and causing loading issues. There is also a growing hesitation to use WordPress due to its lax security features and susceptibility to hacking.

“Within the last six months Atilus has seen multiple WordPress hacks attack sites in our protection causing loss of production time and revenue for all of our clients using that system. This is simply something that we are not willing to risk, and have completely stopped building anything in WordPress moving forward.”

Phil Stalnaker, Marketing Director at Atilus

Overall, Alford Wildlife was happy with their front-end design of the site, but knew that there were some pieces missing to their marketing message and technological back-end. They noticed some of these issues while managing Google AdWords on their own. They were not able to convert as many leads as they pulled in through their advertising and wanted to maximize their potential. The website upgrade was simply to give Alford a clearer message to push visitors to their contact page and ensure people could easily and quickly find the correct phone number to call. Based on multiple conversations with the development team, target research and our own experience in marketing strategy, Atilus provided the following solutions:

  • Custom Website Upgrades
  • Content Management System (Orchard)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Specialized Marketing Copy Writing
  • Google AdWords Management

Website Upgrade Details

“Atilus recently helped with a redesign of our website including SEO optimization and AdWords management.  The whole project from start to finish was managed very well.   We were kept up-to date as tasks were completed and were kept involved in the process throughout.  The final product was great to see and internet leads coming to our business increased the first week after the launch of the new site and AdWords management.   Overall, I am very pleased with the work Atilus has provided and continues to provide for Alford Wildlife.”

Michael Alford, Owner, Alford Wildlife & Pest Management

Atilus made a few design tweaks for stability and to match normal eye flow for the website along with cleaning up the text on the site so people could more easily understand Alford’s expertise. We tightened up the search engine optimization (SEO) through strong, keyword led content; proper, error-free coding and correctly completed redirects. Orchard’s CMS again allowed us to easily give Alford complete control over their back-end with security and easy usability. With this new version of the site, Alford is able to more clearly explain their expertise and display their services in a way that encourages visitors to trust Alford Wildlife and act on behalf of their current need.

An Upgraded Website | Never a Finished Product

While Alford is still building their business base, the new website upgrade has already given them a nice boost in opportunities and filled out contact forms. With the website now live, Atilus is shifting our focus to bring in high-quality prospects through on-going, focused search engine optimization (SEO) and a thought through Google AdWords plan. Atilus will follow the data provided through website analytics so we can evaluate (both in the short and long term) website performance to make adjustments and find solutions where necessary.

Alford Wildlife & Pest ManagementAtilus has been developing websites for nearly ten years, and the more we build the more we have learned that a website is not a finished product. Just like you would never start a business and leave it alone, or build a storefront and never maintain it, a website needs maintenance and marketing to make it successful.  Helping our clients reach their peak success levels is our end goal, whether they have been in the business for years or are just starting out. We are thankful and excited to be a teammate with Alford Wildlife and Pest Management. For more information on their business and contact them when you receive a visit from an unwanted neighbor, visit

Valerie Baker

Valerie is the Senior Account Manager & Project Manager here at Atilus.

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