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March 23, 2017

Atilus: We’ve Upgraded Your Domain

Author: Harry Casimir

At Atilus we’re always trying to make things simpler for our clients, improve our own services, and of course help you grow your business online. In a quest for this perfection, we’ve made some major changes to our domain service – a simple, but probably one of the most important elements of your digital marketing. After fielding dozens of requests from clients like you for this upgrade we’ve made some major upgrades.

Our domain name management upgrade now covers new domain registrations, domain renewals, domain configurations, and domain acquisitions. Domain name registrations and renewals are handled automatically by your Atilus team. We handle everything for you when it comes to domain names!

Domain Name Management Features include:

1. Auto Renewal – An Atilus representative will automatically renew all of your domain names, every year. We will handle it for you, while you focus on your business.
2. Domain Name Monitoring & Locking – We will keep a watchful eye on your domain name portfolio to ensure it is well protected.
3. DNS management – Atilus handles the routing of traffic ensuring your email is delivered fast, and your visitors get to your website.
4. Domain privacy (upon request) – Need to secure your domain further and not have your personal or business information show? Let us know.
5. Access to Top Level Domain (TLD) in every market – We’re opening up the ability for clients to purchase any domains from around the globe.

The new domain name management upgrade will go into effect for existing clients right away – i.e. you will receive the upgrade benefits at no additional cost. However, when your domain name management contract is up for renewal you’ll be migrated to the new fee of $100/year. For any questions regarding our upgrade, please contact your Client Services Manager.

Harry Casimir

Harry Casimir is our CEO and co-founder. He specializes in all aspects of technology from hosting to server maintenance and provides overall strategic direction for our team.

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