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August 14, 2014

Community Web Award | Atilus

Author: Harry Casimir


Giving a non-profit the ability to enact change at a faster rate than they currently yield, than they may think is even possible, is important to us here at Atilus. If we can give back what the community gave us, and effectively reach and serve a specific need, we’re on board. 

It’s in this light, and nearly a year of work – that we’re proud to introduce the Community Web Award – a joint effort by The Southwest Florida Community Foundation, Atilus, and our latest software project – Board Management.

We’re offering a new, yearly grant, for organizations that are in need of great web development and Internet marketing, along with 50 – 1 year licenses for our Board of Directors tool – Board Management.

Community Web Award Sponsored by Atilus, Southwest Florida Community Foundation and Board Management

Atilus has been given the opportunity to present the Community Web Award grant to the local non-profit community. The Community Web Award is a grant that will be awarded to a local-area non-profit organization that is working to make a change in our community.

The winner of the Award will receive, a brand new website to strengthen the online reach of the organization. In addition to this the first 50 non-profits that submit an application will also receive a year-long license to our newly launched online software, Board Management.

About Board Management

Board Management is an application designed to help boards of directors manage their board and organization more effectively.

Through our platform, you can communicate to your board members with ease, record tasks to hold members accountable, keep files in their proper place, and much more. Organization, communication, and collaboration are the keys to a successful board for any organization.

It’s Board Management’s mission to help non-profits manage their organization, effectively. An account with Board Management will give you access to features that simplify your board’s process-all from one centralized location. Learn more about Board Management.

About the Community Web Award

The planning, development, and execution of The Community Web Award has been rewarding. The creation of this new grant and website has been a joint effort between Atilus, and the Southwest Florida Community Foundation. A big thank you goes out to Carolyn Rogers, Anne Douglas, Sara Owens, and Melinda Isley (of M Creative PR) for helping us put this together and allowing us to bring this to Southwest Florida.

Internally, we have to also thank Ryan and Ashley for their time and creativity on The Community Web Award website.

When Zach Katkin pitched the idea to us, I was thrilled to start development because I knew how successful this project would be. It’s a great opportunity for non-profits to grow and for Atilus to show our community appreciation.” –Ashley Johnson, Front-end Developer

If you are a non-profit that’s ready to improve donations and increase awareness apply for the Community Web Award.

Harry Casimir

Harry Casimir is our CEO and co-founder. He specializes in all aspects of technology from hosting to server maintenance and provides overall strategic direction for our team.

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