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February 4, 2016

Consumer Intent vs. Demographics: What Every Marketer Needs To Know

Author: Valerie Baker

Marketers have been using demographics as an intermediary to classify people who may or may not be interested their product. Although I don’t disagree that demographics are a great way to categorize humans, there is a much larger segment of individuals that we should be paying attention to.

As Google’s research explains, marketers who try to reduce their audience solely on demographics are risking missing more than 70% of potential mobile shoppers.

Mobile Mobile Mobile

It is no secret that mobile is quickly becoming the way that we all search for things, especially on the go. Unfortunately, demographics do not provide the qualitative information that is going to help us understand our consumers better. Marketers need to know what consumers are looking for, in an exact moment, and where they are going to go to find it.

Google supervises research regularly to help pioneer the most relevant results for its users. This research also helps marketers get a closer look at each consumer’s buying habits, what they are searching for, and why.

From the abundance of research that they have gathered, they have discovered that most people are searching for something out of intent, or as Google likes to call micro-moments.

This is your best chance to can capture a consumer’s attention, at the EXACT moment they are looking for it.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Although demographics will always have a place in the world of marketing and advertising, there is a much better way in which a brand can position itself. “Brands who understand and respond to intent are better positioned to be there and be useful for all of their potential customers, not just those that fit an age and gender profile.”

In the article, Why Consumer Intent is More Powerful than Demographics” published by Think With Google, data shows that only 31% of mobile searchers looking for video games are men ages 18-34. By using demographics as the sole targeting method, your brand could be missing out of 69% of mobile users who are clearly expressing interest in buying the next big game.

YouTube is also a big source for potential shoppers who are engaging in relevant content through video tutorials, informative videos and so on. YouTube is quickly becoming the new buyer’s guide and user manual, especially for gamers. However, people searching for answers on mediums such as YouTube and Google are not all the same.

Some are looking for advice, some are looking for inspiration, and some are simply looking for product reviews. Since intentions vary, demographics are not always the best way for marketers to understand their audience. People are much more complex than just their gender and age, thus they must be approached in a unique manner.


Getting Started With Moments of Intent

Think With Google explains that there are several other industries in which can benefit from consumer intent marketing. Marketers are not effectively engaging with consumers interested in industries like home improvement and baby products, because they are looking in the wrong place.

Knowing and understanding consumers’ intent means that you can meet them in the moments that matter and help deliver helpful content. But how do you get there?

Be There & Be Useful

Marketers can use keyword research, Google Trends, and analytics to seek information on consumer interests, specific topics, search queries, and trends. From here, you can begin creating relevant content that really matters to your consumers. Some popular examples of effective content include creative blogs and how-to YouTube videos.

Want to learn more about consumer intent and targeting mobile audiences? We can provide the best tools and tricks for effectively capturing your audience, and ultimately growing your business online. Don’t wait- Contact Atilus, your local Southwest Florida Google Certified Partner today!


Valerie Baker

Valerie is the Senior Account Manager & Project Manager here at Atilus.

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