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October 20, 2010

Internet Marketing’s Best Invesment

Author: Valerie Baker

There are all kinds of incredible and attractive Internet campaigns (ways to market your business online) you can get involved in.

You may be a social media wizard or a brilliant blogger, but if those visitors coming to your website aren’t acquiring your products or services, what good is it really?

The fact is you do not even have to be a genius these days to build a great online business or an extremely profitable Internet empire. All you really need is common sense and web analytics.

With a little testing and one eye always watching your web analytics you can easily turn your enterprise into an exciting and in demand online money making machine. If you don’t have web analytics set up for your site you absolutely need them and if you have them and have not been using them, you have been doing nothing less than letting money slip through your fingers every month. We provide monthly analytics reports to all of our clients, and after the first few days of “ohhh’s and ahh’s” after seeing a site launch, the novelty typically wears off. But, I implore you… have another look!

If You’re Not Looking at Your Analytics, You’re Letting Money Slip Through Your Fingers

If you are not watching your web analytics how do you really know where your website traffic is coming from? It may not be from where you think it is. Without knowing for sure you could be dumping all over your marketing budget in the wrong channels or ignoring ones that are much more profitable. Watch your web analytics regularly and see which of your campaigns are working, what is catching people’s attention and inspiring action. And, although we look at your analytics for making suggestions or tracking online campaigns already in place, they can be a valuable tool for OTHER marketing. Let’s say you host an event, did traffic go up shortly after? Or maybe your newspaper ad comes with some web advertising over on… are you getting referral traffic from their site?

You May Be Boring Your Audience

If you are not paying attention you could be losing thousands of dollars or more each month from interested prospects that get turned off or lose interest at a certain part of your site. Your web analytics will allow you to see how visitors navigate your site and where the issues are. For instance if you have long scrolling copy yet notice visitors stopping an exiting your site after 30 seconds when it takes around 2 minutes to read the whole page you know that you are either boring them or there is something that is turning them off within the middle of your copy. In other cases it could just be the script and it may need to be reworked. You will be able to see which pages are viewed and what is most interesting to those who find your site. You may even find that it is just your pricing that is not working. Web analytics will also help you determine if you are sending the right message in your ads and are really attracting the best possible prospects. It is much better to have fewer visitors that actually buy, than masses who just wonder around.

Finally by keeping a close eye on your web analytics you will also, and perhaps most importantly be able to see new trends as soon as they begin to develop and ahead of your competitors so that you can move quickly to master the market.

Valerie Baker

Valerie is the Support Lead here at Atilus. Her background includes digital marketing and web development. She takes amazing care of our clients and assists with overall website updates and development.

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