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April 23, 2014

LotsCashNow | Launching an Online Business for Fast Cash

Author: Valerie Baker

As much as we would like to, Atilus does not do a lot of “first” websites for companies. The best thing we can do for a client is offer a fully organized plan that comprises of website development and marketing in order to ensure the best possibility for success. Not all new startups prefer the more intensive, higher investment/return plan. Usually, startups prefer to test the waters and see how they will fare as they set out. While we fully believe (and have evidence for) the old adage that “it’s better to jump in the water than to move slowly one limb at a time” works for business startups as well as acclimating to the water temperature, most startups today get going on bare bones instead of securing up front investments to help them start out on top. is a unique exception to that rule. Fully prepared to make a splash in the real estate market, LotsCashNow came to us with a full website and marketing plan that we could implement, giving them a fast start out of the gate. They are a real estate company that owns residential property free and clear of liens or interest. Pioneering the “Signature Lot Option Program”, they allow their customers to obtain fast cash up front, as well as a valuable option to purchase real estate property from them in the future if the value increases. It’s a wonderful win-win situation for their clients!

Marketing Planning with Internet Technology and Quality Web Construction

A new business to market, LotsCashNow is opening their “doors” with the launch of this site. During the initial talks about working with each other, they laid out their goals and business plan. Atilus recommended a strong SEO and AdWords plan to go right along with the launch, helping them to make an immediate and noticeable entrance into the search results online. Their fast cash option is a brilliant alternative to Pay Day Loans and, despite the competition they will face, they need to get their message out there in short order.

“Atilus wasn’t afraid to be creative while also paying very close attention to what I wanted out of my website.  They actually got inside my head, and improved on my own thinking.”

CEO and Founder of LotsCashNow

The main focus of this website project was a form that could act as a fully functioning, online application that could work in real-time for customers who need the fast cash option. Utilizing a tab-style format that allows the customer to fill out the entire application form in minutes, this is a great option when timing is of the essence. The design called for a simple, clear and clean approach so the website visitors could easily understand what they were getting and make wise decisions accordingly. Based on multiple conversations with the development team, target research and our own experience in technology development, we provided the following solutions:

  • Customized Website (Bootstrap)
  • Content Management System (Orchard)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing System Integration
  • High Security Specialized Application Process

Technology Framework Built for Business Success

“Atilus was truly a pleasure to work with.  Their corporate structure makes things very easy for the client.  They kept me well informed at every step of the process; making sure I approved.  They never put a premium on their time, only mine.  They demonstrated a unique ability to ‘take my idea and run with it.’  They really could have done it all for me after our first meeting, and it would have been what I wanted. It is actually a one-stop shop.”

CEO and Founder of LotsCashNow

Atilus was excited to be able to give LotsCashNow both a unique, customized design connected to a strong, well-built back-end system, so we decided to utilize both Bootstrap’s front-end framework and Orchard’s Content Management System (CMS). Orchard is a powerful, but easy-to-use solution, built on Microsoft.NET.

The End Goal | High Investment = High Return

Many people see the launch of the website as the finish line – a chance to fully take a break from what most describe as an exhausting and demanding construction process – but it is really just the starting point. The website, for LotsCashNow, is their storefront, or office. It is their place of business. Now that the website is live, the challenge is to bring in high-quality prospects through on-going focused search engine optimization (SEO) and a thought through Google AdWords plan. Atilus will follow the data provided through website analytics so we can evaluate (both in the short and long term) website performance to make adjustments and find solutions where necessary.

This is why Atilus talks a lot about our holistic view of every project and seeing things in both a short and long term perspective. Helping our clients reach their peak success levels is our end goal, whether they have been in the business for years or are just starting out. We are thankful and excited to walk this journey with LotsCashNow. For more information on their business and see how easy it is to get your hands on the fast cash that you need, visit

Valerie Baker

Valerie is the Senior Account Manager & Project Manager here at Atilus.

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