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November 26, 2014

Gratitude – Thanking Our Partners

Author: Valerie Baker

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving – the 10th Thanksgiving Harry and I will be celebrating at Atilus. I can’t believe it!

If you’re in the area you know it’s hard to step outside for more than a minute before being drenched in sweat. Although the heat seems to be breaking, and things are cooling down – this morning brought in a nice unexpected cold front. And we at Atilus, figured we’d do something special this season with a number of articles giving a huge thanks to the partners we’ve worked with over the years.

We’ve decided to write this post in order to thank everyone we’ve worked with over the years in a partnership capacity. We were recently selected among a few other finalists in the State-wide GrowFL companies to watch competition and awarded a number of local awards. One of the questions we were asked had to do about our approach to business and what being awarded a finalist meant to us – and that got us thinking:

First – we’re a “behind-the-scenes” Company.

Our clients have been on Oprah, Huffington Post, Inside Edition, Lifetime Television, are nationally recognized best-selling authors, are some of the area’s largest non-profits, and are some of the most successful software companies in the world… are international in their operations… the list goes on… but no one knows that.

Over the years we’ve struggled to promote what we’ve done with and for clients, but we’re trying to get better at that.

Part of that reason has to do with how we work. Typically, we work alongside or under a marketing company or ad agency or consulting company. We’ve worked with dozens of fort myers marketing companies, and a similar number of Naples Ad Agencies as well. Our partner network also includes agencies all over the State and across the country.  Many times we work with these companies to plan, suggest, and execute our own vision and online marketing strategies for our joint clients.

Second – All of the above success is only because of the support of so many people and organizations we’ve had the pleasure to work with over the Years.

That’s an even longer list and includes many of you throughout the Southwest Florida Community, the internet marketing and development community (primarily online) and our large network of partners throughout the U.S. that Atilus has come to rely on for business, for expertise, and for our clients’ needs as we really stick to concentrating on the web.

We’re developing this series to “give back” and say thank you to all of these community and business  partners we’ve worked with and continue to work with. Without your help we wouldn’t be where we are. Here’s a short list of the organizations we will be highlighting:

  • AdSource
  • ATX Webmasters
  • B2 Technology Solutions
  • Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce
  • C2 Communications
  • Conric PR & Marketing
  • Dynamic Design Online
  • Ensite
  • Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce
  • Holmes Kurnik, P.A.
  • Hype Group
  • Iberia Bank Estero
  • IT Vantage
  • Naples Studio
  • PKE Marketing

In the coming weeks and months we’ll be featuring an article on our partners, highlighting their services, expertise, and giving each one of them a big thank you and detailing our amazing personal and professional relationships. Again – this is just a short list and we plan on writing additional “thank yous” to many more partners and companies. Thank you again for everyone and every organization that has helped us grow into one of the top web development firms in the State & Country and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Valerie Baker

Valerie is the Senior Account Manager & Project Manager here at Atilus.

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