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Bay Water Boat Club

Southwest Florida’s most exclusive boat club.

Bay Water Exclusive Boat Club is a boat club in Bonita Springs, Florida. The same family has owned Bay Water Boat Club since the 70s and with their 40+ years in Southwest Florida boating experience, they’re able to offer their members an experience unlike any other. Their members can enjoy all that boating has to offer without the hassle and financial burden of boat ownership.


Bay Water Exclusive Boat Club


March 2017


4 Months


Improve the company’s search presence as users searched for boat clubs in Southwest Florida Better showcase their boats available to club members and provide resources to members Streamline lead management as potential members contacted them through the website

Bay Water Boat Club contacted Atilus in 2017 about building a new website for their expanding club. We reviewed what was in place and came up with a few solutions that helped solve a few of their problems. To meet the goals outlined, we proposed:

  • A new, redesigned website
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • MyWebLead, our lead management software/CRM

Creating the Website Plan

The first phase of any website redesign includes creating a sitemap, creating wireframes, and then creating designs. Our creative team worked closely with Bay Water Boat Club to design and build a website that fit their preference and overall style.

The sitemap first needed to showcase the boats that were available to club members, so we started there. We then worked our way through the user/customer experience to create a flow of content that would make sense and inspire the user to contact.

Then, we created wireframes, which are sketches of what the core pages of the website will look like. This helped to show our client what the user experience would be like and ensure that we were accounting for all the necessary information.

Using these building blocks, we were able to move into the design and build phase.

Designing & Building the Website

The website needed to communicate that the Bay Water Boat Club was an alternative to owning a boat in Southwest Florida and reassure the user that Bay Water would be able to offer the experience they were looking for.

We created a design that was informative and that also fit in with the Southwest Florida boating lifestyle. This included incorporating colors that a member could see while boating (ocean hues and various sunset-like colors).

After designs were finalized, we built the website in WordPress. This content management system allowed the Bay Water Boat Club team to login and make minor changes as needed. The website was also built to be responsive, meaning it would adjust on various devices like phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

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Google Ads

Digital Marketing Strategy

The website redesign was only phase I of our undertaking. The second part encompassed creating a digital marketing strategy that would attract new boat club members.

  • Local SEO
  • Social media management
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • SEM
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Lead management

With this strategy, we were able to provide the following results. Data shown is the first full quarter after the marketing campaign launched.

  • +178% increase in unique users
  • +183% increase in website sessions
  • +69% increase in organic traffic
  • +100% increase in conversions

MyWebLead Lead Management

Another solution presented to the Bay Water Boat Club team was to offer our lead management system/CRM, MyWebLead.

Bay Water Boat Club has been around since the 70s and had no streamlined way of managing inbounc leads. We configured their MyWebLead system to automatically intake leads and assign them to the proper sales personnel.

Using this new dashboard, the sales team at Bay Water Boat Club is now able to:

  • Manage incoming leads
  • Run leads/contacts through the sales funnel
  • Organize sales numbers and project future performance

my web lead

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