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Empowered Global, Inc.

Local electrical contracting company offering generator installations and electrical service work

Empowered Global, Inc. is an electrical contracting company in Naples, Florida. They offer residential service work as well as Kohler generator installations and maintenance.


Empowered Global, Inc.


March 2021


3 Months


Improve search rankings for related keywords Better showcase Empowered Global as a newly-appointed Titanium level dealer for Kohler Generators

Empowered Global, Inc. first began working with Atilus in 2015. The owners, Daniel and Susi, had just launched their company and needed a website. Since then, we’ve worked with Empowered Global on a variety of marketing initiatives, including website updates, SEO, and more. At the start of 2021, we suggested a few recommendations to help bring their business to the next level:

  • A revamped website
  • Digital marketing strategy

Creating the Website Plan

Our team previously built a custom website for Empowered Global and because it was a custom-build, we were able to simply revamp the website instead of going through an entire web design and development process.

The first step in this website revamp was to reorganize the sitemap. At the original time of their website build, Empowered Global did not offer Kohler generator services, so that was part of the focus in guiding the user through the website. We also suggested creating additional pages for each of their service areas in order to help compete on the same scale as some of the other electrical contracting companies.

We then moved into creating wireframes for the new pages on the website. These were bare bones sketches of how the content was to be outlined, and it helped further solidify the user flow.

Building the Website

There was no custom design required for this project as we were able to use the foundation put in place previously with their custom website. We built their website in WordPress, allowing the client to login and make changes on their own time.

We hired Atilus to create our website in 2015 and the team at Atilus did an incredible job, not only creating the website, but also managing it, writing blogs, as well as managing Google Adwords for us. We would highly recommend Atilus to our friends and business associates.

Google Ads

Digital Marketing Strategy

The website redesign was only phase I of our undertaking. The second part encompassed creating a digital marketing strategy that would attract new customers.

  • SEM/Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Reporting & analytics

With this strategy, we were able to provide the following results.

  • 50% increase in unique users
  • 50% increase in new users
  • 33% increase in organic search traffic

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