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Florida Coastal Boat Rentals

Boat rental service in Englewood with a variety of boats and experienced guides

Florida Coastal Boat Rentals offers boat rental services in Englewood with a variety of boats & additional beach day equipment. They offer single day rentals, multi-day rentals, and more.


Florida Coastal Boat Rentals


November 2021


3 Months


Improve the online booking process Allow customers to pay online

Florida Coastal Boat Rentals came to  us with the intention of growing their business online. They wanted to make things easier for their customer via a seamless booking process and a more user-friendly website. After completing a discovery call with the client, we understood his specific requirements and presented him with options for a revamped website, along with a digital marketing package.

Creating the Website Plan

The client wanted to improve the overall functionalities of his website and add an easy to use online booking system.

When creating the website plan, we first began by sending a questionnaire to our clients where they can clearly specify all their requirements. We then hold an in-depth kickoff meeting with the client to understand the business, the unique selling proposition, and the services being offered. We then reviewed the company’s branding materials and presented a sitemap with all the other essential website elements to bring the project together.

Since this company offers boat rental services to mainly locals and tourists in the area of Sarasota, it was crucial that we add a secure online payment plugin and point of interest page. In addition to the standard pages, such as the homepage, contact page, and FAQ page.

What Are Online Ads And How Do They Work?

Building the Website

After we have made sure that our team and the client are in the same boat, our website development process begins. We make sure that we bring the discussed look/feel of the site and then develop all aspects according to what will work best long-term while still being able to update them easily when necessary without losing any functionality or aesthetic appeal through changing formulas behind our designs.

This website was built in WordPress.

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Boat Rental Plugin Integration

The winning aspect of this particular project was the customized Yes Boating plugin that we built to make online reservations smooth and easy. We made sure to make the feature as intuitive as possible, so our client can automate his scheduling and inventory management processes.

This plugin is built using WooCommerce.

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