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Haitian Realtors

Becoming the voice of Haitian Homeownership in the United States

Haitian Realtors is a brand new business & aims to connect the Haitian community of Real Estate professionals with the Haitian community looking to buy, sell, or maintain their home. Haitian Realtors is the United States’ only Haitian real estate professionals directory.


Haitian Realtors


June 2021


6 weeks


Attract Haitian Real Estate Professionals to join the network Provide education to the Haitian community on home ownership

We began working with Haitian Realtors in May 2021 on building their website Throughout our relationship, we’ve created their website and digital marketing strategies. After the website went live we focused growing their marketing strategies to increase customers

  • Website redesign
  • Digital marketing strategy

Creating the Website Plan

A simple sitemap with the ability to expand as the business does. We focused on attracting the Haitian community to begin building the directory. Our creative team worked closely with Haitian Realtors to build a website that fit their preference and overall style.

Building the Website

We wanted to make pay homage to the Haitian flag colors, and easy for people to use. We also placed calls-to-action throughout the site to make it easy and simple for clients to submit their information to be contacted by a Real Estate professional or become part of the Haitian Realtors directory.

Google Ads

Digital Marketing Strategy

Building & launching the new website were only the first phase in trying to reach the goals noted above. The second phase included a digital marketing plan, which encompassed the following:

  • Content Marketing
  • SMM
  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Reporting & analytics

With this strategy, we have been able to provide Haitian Realtors with the following results:

  • 38% increase in unique users
  • 46% increase in sessions
  • 80% increase in pageviews
  • 33% increase in organic traffic

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