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Justice Technology Group

IT consulting firm offering small-medium sized businesses smart IT solutions

Justice Technology Group is an IT consulting firm based near Charlotte, North Carolina. They offer small to medium sized businesses affordable, smart solutions to information technology and help business owners navigate the world of tech to make day-to-day operations easier.


Justice Technology Group


March 2021


2 Months



Give the company a more professional look and feel Better showcase service offerings Improve calls-to-action

Justice Technology Group commissioned Atilus to design and build a new website that would better communicate their service offerings and present them in a more professional way. The solutions we were:

  • Custom website design
  • WordPress website development

Creating the Website Plan

Our team worked closely with the client to define what content would be on the website. This always first begins with a sitemap. After narrowing down the service offered, we created a simple sitemap that helped communicate who the company is and the types of clients they help.

We then created a series of wireframes. These wireframes outlined the content that would be placed on each page and how the content overall would flow.

Designing & Building the Website

The website design was centered around the client’s colors, and we focused on keeping the design clean, modern, and professional.

As designs were finalized, we began building the website. We developed the website in WordPress, a content management system, so that the client could login and make changes on their own time. We also built this website to be responsive, meaning it would adjust its size and format based on the device the user was browsing it on (mobile, tablet, desktop).

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