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Total Athletic Performance

Growing a Personal Training Business Through the Web

Total Athletic Performance (or TAP Naples for short) provides group fitness and individual athletic training to those looking to improve. This facility is not your typical gym, it’s a place where qualified coaches are committed to providing personalized training to help people of all fitness abilities and athletic skill levels reach their potential.


Total Athletic Performance


August 2015


5 Months


Attract Business in Naples Build a Scalable Website for Future Growth

We began working with TAP Naples in spring 2015 and their immediate priority was to attract business to their Naples facility. So, after some research, we got to work.

  • Website redesign
  • Digital marketing strategy

Creating the Website Plan

TAP Naples’ website architecture needed to focus on the types of training and programs that are available. To accomplish this, we created a major section strictly for Programs. Additionally, we wanted to focus on the type of place TAP Naples was; What kind of trainers do they have? What does the facility look like? In our research, we found those were some of the top questions potential clients would ask, so we made sure to answer them.

Building the Website

We wanted to make it bold, fun, and easy for people to use. We opted for the green/black colors as we felt this was the right combination of bold and fun. We also placed calls-to-action throughout the site to make it easy and simple for clients to call and learn about TAP.

Google Ads

Digital Marketing Strategy

Redesigning and launching the new website were only the first phase in trying to reach the goals noted above. The second phase included a digital marketing plan, which encompassed the following:

  • SEM
  • Reporting & analytics

With this strategy, we have been able to provide TAP Naples with the following results:

  • 25% increase in unique users
  • 28% increase in sessions
  • 4% increase in pageviews
  • 60% increase in organic traffic

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