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November 5, 2021

Where SEO and ADA Website Compliance Overlap

Author: Valerie Baker

Your website should be accessible to everyone, including search engine optimization “crawlers.” ADA compliance will not only help you reach the 1 in 5 Americans with disabilities (which in turn, expands your reach within your target audience), it will also help you improve your rankings on search engines. Here are a few examples:

Organizational Clarity

A website that doesn’t use on-site sitemaps, table of contents, and breadcrumbs, makes it difficult for any user to navigate. Not only that, but it likely won’t meet ADA compliance or do you any favors boosting your SEO.

If your website isn’t intuitive with where and how to find things, SEO crawlers won’t be able to find them either. Give yourself an algorithmic boost and bolster ADA compliance with an organizational revamp that gives end-users and SEO crawlers a better understanding of the content on your website!

Work with Atilus, a Florida SEO company, and we will guide you on the best strategies for web design when it comes to SEO and ADA compliance.

Closed Captioning

SEO crawlers can’t watch videos, but do you know what they can do? Read through closed captioning! Closed captioning is important for both, ADA compliance and your rank on search engines. If your video isn’t captioned, crawlers are only able to index your video by its title and description. With captioning, you also give those with disabilities the opportunity to watch your videos.

Image Captioning and Attribution

It’s not only the videos that crawlers can’t watch, make sure your images are also captioned and attributed to improve your SEO and ADA compliance. Alt and title attributes on photos explain what is on the image. Screen readers use these tags to explain to users with visual impairments what the image is about. Crawlers also use these attributions in ranking your site!

Improve Your Website’s SEO and ADA Compliance

Learn more about integrating SEO and ADA practices for your website. Browse our blog to learn more about SEO and ADA practices or contact Atilus, a Florida SEO company. We can help you incorporate these practices into your digital marketing strategy and help you capture more leads online.

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Valerie Baker

Valerie is the Senior Account Manager & Project Manager here at Atilus.

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