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Talis Park

Luxury Real Estate in Naples, FL

Talis Park is a luxury community in Naples, FL that offers homes in the upper $800s – $2+ million range.  What makes Talis Park different is that residents can “come as they are” and don’t need to live by typical country club rules.


Talis Park


August 2020


4 Months


Improve the user experience when searching for new homes in Talis Park Better showcase the amenities and lifestyle available at Talis Park

Our work began in the summer of 2017 after meeting with Talis leadership to help create a website that stood out among the other luxury communities in Naples. We’ve since assisted with various website updates, and in 2020 a complete revamp of the existing website.

  • Website redesign
  • Digital marketing strategy

Creating the Website Plan

Our experience in real estate website design really helped us to enhance the sitemap for Talis Park. We knew that homes needed to be front-and-center and that we also needed to focus on amenities and the lifestyle at Talis Park. To accomplish this, we added a new section titled “New Homes” to the main navigation. Additionally, alongside Kitson & Partners and their partner marketing company, we crafted pages for content around each of the amenities available at Talis.

Building the Website

The latest redesign was using the existing site structure. Going for a more upscale look, we were able to showcase how unique and beautiful Talis Park is compared to other neighborhoods in Naples of similar scale. We reviewed the previous content and found many opportunities for SEO to be improved. By creating a search engine-friendly sitemap, recommending Diverse Solutions, and crafting content with keywords placed thoughtfully throughout, we helped Talis Park set an SEO foundation that their team could work to maintain.

Google Ads

Digital Marketing Strategy

Redesigning and launching the new website were only the first phase in trying to reach the goals noted above. The second phase included a digital marketing plan, which encompassed the following:

  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Reporting & analytics

With this strategy, we have been able to provide Talis Park with the following results:

  • 52% increase in unique users
  • 55% increase in sessions
  • 33% increase in pageviews
  • 70% increase in organic traffic

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