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Monarch Graphics & Printing

Professional print and graphic design company with locations in Bonita Springs, FL and Central Islip, NY

Monarch Graphics & Printing is a professional print shop with offices in Bonita Springs, FL and Central Islip, NY. The company offers print marketing for businesses and graphic design. Their print products range from postcards to booklets to posters and most everything in between.


Monarch Graphics & Printing


July 2018


3 Months


Improve Monarch Graphics’ keyword rankings for relevant keywords Better showcase array of print services Better showcase portfolio and work completed

Monarch Graphics was located in the same commercial plaza of our office at the time and they were looking for help with their online presence. Seeing as we were next door and offered exactly what they were looking for, we proposed the following solutions to help meet their goals:

  • A new, redesigned website
  • Digital marketing strategy

Creating the Website Plan

The first phase of any website redesign includes creating a sitemap, creating wireframes, and then creating designs. Our creative team worked closely with Monarch Graphics to design and build a website that fit their preference and overall style. Monarch Graphics also had graphic designers on staff, which only added to the overall final product.

We first started with a sitemap, where we outlined the pages that would be on the website. The client’s main concern was communicating their wide variety of professional printing services and we began there. We then worked with the client to create a flow of content that would be easy for the user to understand.

Then, we created wireframes, which are sketches of what the core pages of the website will look like. This helped to show our client what the user experience would be like and ensure that we were accounting for all the necessary information. We also made sure to include key calls-to-action throughout, which in this case, included requesting an estimate, uploading files, and simply contacting Monarch Graphics.

Using these building blocks, we were able to move into the design and build phase.

Designing & Building the Website

We created a design that was informative and that also fit in with Monarch Graphic’s branding. We also relied on Monarch’s graphic designers to provide us with files for their portfolio so we could showcase the work that Monarch had done.

After designs were finalized, we built the website in WordPress. This content management system allowed the Monarch Graphics team to login and make minor changes as needed. The website was also built to be responsive, meaning it would adjust on various devices like phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Google Ads

Digital Marketing Strategy

The website redesign was only phase I of our undertaking. The second part encompassed creating a digital marketing strategy that would attract new printing customers.

  • SEM/Google Ads
  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Reporting & analytics

With this strategy, we were able to provide the following results.

  • +54% increase in unique users
  • +56% increase in website sessions
  • +52% increase in conversions

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